Saturday, May 10, 2008

street corner "preachers" in palo alto

Standing on the street corners in downtown Palo Alto, college town and yuppieville, these young guys - and one middle-aged (their pastor or campus leader who told them this is the 'bold' thing to do?) - stood with their "turn or burn" t-shirts, shouting about the need for repentance, especially for gays, as the wrath of God is coming. They were attractive, normal-looking, clean cut, OC-type white guys.

We walked into the Stanford Theatre annoyed at their presentation - so far from the person and message of Christ, I don't even know where to begin. But it was worse when we exited the theater, two films and four hours later. They were still there (gotta commend them for dedication!) on the same corner. This time in a literal shouting match, face to face, with a Latino man who clearly was as disturbed by their "street preaching" as we were. Poor man. Wish we could have talked to him and told him not to be angry at God for their ignorance.

This time, I was ill. Embarrassed. Upset. And sad. Somewhere, Christ is crying at the absence of love.
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Thursday, May 08, 2008


Reading, celebrating, existing, reaching, waiting, moving, staying, loving... my days and life are so good right now I feel unworthy. I have time. I am living. I want so much more. And I have the so much more I want. Contentment paired with striving, pursuing ever more dreams... where is the balance of the two?

From "Free Food for Millionaires" by Min Jin Lee

"'You must choose yourself over the group [says Charles, the musician]... He was angry with his family, with the immigrant communities in New York, even the artists he knew who weren't Korean who kept on wanting to compromise. An artist, a real artist, couldn't do that. An artist could not necessarily have the things other people had - a happy marriage, children, a quiet home life, a retirement account, even mental health. These were the things that following convention might give you... Both of his wives had wanted children, but he had told them no, for these very reasons. Charles had no intention of giving up his art to make room for a steady job or crying babies, because to him, a life without music was insupportable. Without it, he would have certainly put the gun in his mouth." (p. 332)

[Casey's sister, who she's not always close to, tells her]: "'... you're a true person. You are your own. That's important." Tina's voice was assured. All her life, she had wanted to make decisions not informed by others' needs, wants, and expectations. "No one is like you... In the end, that matters most, I think. And being truthful.'" (p. 478)
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