Wednesday, August 30, 2006

in silence comes truth

In silence comes truth
Not necessarily revelatory or eye-opening
(though at times, certainly so)
Most often it is simple clarity
About how things really work

In silence we peer behind the veil
Wake up from the haze of busyness
our current age (and especially our country)
have purported as the norm,
even in spirituality and faith

If we keep going fast enough
We'll conveniently miss life and not have to deal with its
immense, unending sadness and ecstatic beauty

But if "the word was made flesh and dwelt among us"
and "the kingdom of heaven is here and now",
As Jesus claimed, then the incarnation
Means experiencing God in the flesh
In our flesh, which God hand-crafted and is not for disdain

In this breeze, the sound of birds, wind chimes, distant planes
In the brightness of sun and the laziness of mid-day
I wait... hear, smell, feel you

When focusing in stillness, even for a moment,
Suddenly the world comes alive with sights and sounds
Normally seen as ordinary, mundane
Now insights into the Creator
Usually overlooked as too obvious for contemplation
Now the portal straight to a living God

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

calling for back-up

The South calls
with moss and bbq and shrimp boats
representing romance or reality
The journey will soon tell

But fog now envelops my vision
and the milky way promises
given by glowing firelight
seem taunting, shallow

In the shadowy murk
of forging calling alone
Kindreds are nowhere to be found
in these craggy hills

Many could sympathize
Few would share the burden
of crying out for sonorous life
in the midst of decay